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About Our Programs

College Horizons (CH) is our annual undergraduate admissions workshop for sophomores and juniors in high school looking to get insight and intensive preparation for applying to college.

College Horizons Program:

College Horizons is a pre-college program for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian high school students open to sophomores and juniors. Each summer, students work with college admissions officers, college counselors, essay specialists, and other educators in a six-day college admissions workshop focused on understanding the college admissions/application process.

Our individualized workshop helps students:

    • Select suitable colleges to research and apply to,
    • Complete winning applications and write memorable essays,
    • Receive test-taking strategies and resources from experts on the ACT & SAT,
    • Learn to navigate the financial aid process and complete scholarship searches,
    • Develop relationships with admissions officers from our partner colleges,
    • Receive tips and strategies on the application process,
    • Get advice on how to succeed in college as a Native student,
    • Go on a campus tour, attend a College Fair, and meet with 40 admissions officers,
    • Meet and connect with 100 other Native youth from around the country,
    • Travel on their own, visit a college campus, and experience life in the dorms, classrooms, computer labs, and in the athletic center.


College Horizons is a smooth running and rigorous workshop that inspires students to find a college that will satisfy their needs for a fun, challenging and supportive environment.  With over 3,000 colleges and universities to choose from nationwide, our goal is to help students find the schools and funding that will make your college experience meaningful and worthwhile. We strive to equip our students with the tools to make their college dreams and goals a reality. 

Graduate Horizons (GH) is our graduate and professional admissions workshop for current college students and college graduates interested in pursuing graduate studies (professional, masters programs or phd).  

The Scholars Program is a three-week summer program designed to empower Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian College Horizons alumni in their transition from high school to college.