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Become a Partner College


College Horizons invites colleges and universities to participate in our college admissions and graduate admissions workshops. Offices of admission, financial aid, student services, career services, Native American programs/study, and fellowship programs are also welcome. Workshop space is limited to 50 partner schools.  

College Horizons offers two programs, College Horizons (our pre-college workshop for high school students) and Graduate Horizons (our pre-graduate workshop for college students and college graduates).

College Partnership Opportunities include:

  • College Horizons Workshop (for high school student recruitment),
  • Attending the College Fair Only
  • Graduate Horizons Workshop (for graduate school recruitment),
  • Attending the Graduate University Fair Only
  • Host a Workshop – Bring 100 Native students to your campus for a week!

Admissions Outreach:

College Horizons is designed to align with the multicultural-diversity outreach initiatives of college/university Offices of Admissions. We understand that Indian Country is vast - comprised of 310 geographical reservations and 40 Indian Statistical Areas (29 located in Oklahoma), 200 Alaska Native villages, 566 federally recognized and over 200 state recognized tribal nations, and islands of Native Hawaiian homelands. We also know that Native American and Native Hawaiian students continue to be the most underrepresented minority population on college campuses.

Workshop Registration Fee & Services:

If your institution is interested in participating in College Horizons (to recruit high school students for college) or Graduate Horizons (to recruit college students/graduates to graduate School), please fill out form on the right side of this page to request more information on the benefits/outcomes, services, contracts, curriculum, and fees. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted by a College Horizons staff person in 1-3 business days.

In general, services include:  contact information of all student participants (including CEEB code for high school program), networking with 30 high school counselors and American Indian educators (for CH program only); promotion of partner college for 1 year through CH recruitment activities, advertisements, conferences, email/list-serve, 1 year promotion of college on website featuring college profile and 3 url links 5-6 days of meals/lodging/ground transportation (for CH only); college fair, college/university informational sessions, brochures placed in all student materials, networking opportunity for admissions officers to meet the 30 volunteer high school counselors and Native educators at each program.

Become a Host:

College Horizons seeks colleges/universities to host our week-long workshops. To be eligible to host requires that a college/university has previously participated in a College Horizons program.