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Overview of Application Process



Applications must be postmarked by a to be determined deadline in February, 2017.  Priority financial aid is awarded to applicants who apply on time.  Late applications are accepted on a space available basis only, financial aid may not be available for late applications.

Application Parts:

    • Student Application with short answer and personal essay
    • Parent Financial Summary & Copy of Tax Returns for 2015 or 2016*
    • Waivers:  Consent to Participate, Privacy Statement, Consent to Photography/Audio/Video Recording.
    • Counselor recommendation with official academic transcript (must include 1st semester grades from this 2016-2017 school year)
    • Academic Teacher recommendation
    • To be determined Application Processing Fee (non-refundable)
    • Deposit of the to be determined Program Fee.  The deposit is refunded if the student is not admitted to the program.

Note: Applications will not be reviewed unless complete even if some portions are submitted on time.  Any incomplete applications not completed by the deadline will be considered late.

Note on Parent Financial Summary & Tax Information: 

College Horizons requires parents to complete a financial summary as well as submit a copy of the their 2015 or 2016 tax return information (parent’s should block out or redact any social security numbers).

Parents often have questions on why they need to submit detailed financial and tax information to programs such as College Horizons and for good reasons.  Sharing personal family information and making sure that your privacy is being protected are fair concerns.  Our goal at College Horizons is to expose students to the entire college application process – from selecting schools to apply to, to actually completing a sample college application, drafting a college essay, and understanding the financial aid process (a separate process/system from college admissions).  Likewise, College Horizons needs to expose parents to the financial aid process because you will play the most critical role in helping your child navigate the process by providing the required parent financial information.  One of the most important steps you can take as a parent is to make sure that you are filing your IRS Income Tax returns on time – this is the only way colleges and the federal government will determine your child’s eligibility for financial aid (scholarships, grants, educational loans, work-study, etc).

By exposing parents/students to the financial aid process we hope to ease anxiety over what financial information has to be submitted. Often, parents believe their income is too high to qualify for aid, but there are many factors that may make your child eligible for aid (number of dependents, how many children/parents are currently in college, medical/disability issues, etc.). It is also important to know that there are different types of aid and eligibility: need-based aid (based on income) or merit based aid (based on a talent, academic performance, geographic location, etc.); there is eligibility for Federal Student Aid, but also, colleges have their own internal formulas for financial aid.  It is possible for a student to qualify for institutional (college) financial aid rather than federal aid. Lastly, we need financial information to determine if a student is eligible for a scholarship to CH (tuition or travel) and for curriculum planning and scholarship searches.

Cost of Program & Airfare: 

The total program cost is $450.  The total cost includes tuition, dorm room/linens, meals, ground transportation to/from host airports (for those arriving by plane), and all materials. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the host campus, either flying or driving.  A deposit of $100 is due at the time of application. If the student is admitted, the remaining amount is due after they have been notified of their acceptance. If a student withdraws from the program on or before April 15, 2017 they will be refunded the full amount of their application deposit. Any students who withdraw from the program after this date will be refunded the deposit only if a wait listed student can take their place.

Financial Aid:

Scholarship financial aid is available for both tuition and airfare travel assistance (each year we award travel assistance to over 50% of our students). Students must apply for financial aid on their application and parents/guardian must provide tax returns and income information.

Cancelation Policy:

Students not admitted to the program will have their $100.00 deposit refunded.  If a student is admitted and then notifies College Horizons of their withdrawal before April 15, 2017, their deposit will be refunded only if a wait listed student can take their place.  If a student receives a travel scholarship and withdraws or is a no show to the program after a ticket has been purchased, the student and parent are responsible to pay the cancelation fee of the ticket and reimburse College Horizons for the total cost of the ticket.


To be eligible, each student must,
  • Be American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian AND provide appropriate tribal documentation. Native American/Alaska Native students should submit copies of relevant tribal enrollment forms issued directly from a state or federally recognized tribe. Native Hawaiian students should provide verified Hawaiian documentation from the Ho'oulu Hawaiian Data Center or Office of Hawaiian Affairs. (We do not accept birth certificates or the enrollment documents of your parents/grandparents)
  • Be a current 10th grade or 11th grade high school student
  • Have a 3.0 grade-point average (in core academic courses, not electives)
  • Be a current or permanent resident of the United States
  • For those students applying for financial aid scholarships (tuition or travel assistance), a copy of a parent's tax returns and income information is required
  • Submit a complete application packet